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Mr. & Mrs. Rankin

This day was more than a dream & a wedding I will never forget! Alexis & Phil were married on 3/30/18 in San Diego, California. Our paths first crossed a little over a year ago when I was photographing a wedding where Alexis was the event coordinator. I had no idea that day would lead me to actually be photographing her most special day!

I arrived early on the day of the wedding to check out their stunning venue, Paradise Point. The name says it all & this place was literally a tropical paradise. I met with Alexis & was stunned at how calm she was. She finished hair & makeup & got into her dress & was instantly the most beautiful, glowing bride.

My favorite parts of the ceremony were watching Phil's parents walk him down the aisle... Phil's dad had the happiest tears in his eyes as he followed his wife & his son. My other favorite part was watching Alexis' brother Jeremey walk her down the aisle. The love between these 2 siblings is something beyond special. Alexis had locket photos of their mom & dad pinned to her bouquet as she walked down the aisle & I thought that was just the most amazing thing. After the ceremony, we did a short sunset session & then headed to BRICK in Liberty Station for their reception.

Alexis had made it clear to me that the reception was going to be one big party & yet it was! Guests were dancing even before the bride & groom arrived. The whole venue was lit up beautifully & everyone was having the time of their life including Phil & Alexis.

Alexis & Phil's wedding could not have been any more perfect. It was such an honor to photograph their beautiful wedding day and I am so incredibly happy for the love they share and the future they hold together as husband and wife. Enjoy some of my favorites from their lovely wedding day!

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