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Mommy & Me Hairstyles + Quarantine tips!


Coming to you from one quarantine-r to another today to chat about how we've stayed humble during this crazy, weird time we/re all in. Life sure is different, there's no denying that. One day everything was running normal, with the message of make sure you are washing your hands extra good and then fast forward a day and drastic changes started occurring across the country. Gone are the days of Sunday brunch with the girls, beach hangs with the fam and daily Target shopping trips. Although none of us really expected any of this to happen, it is how it is & I've made it a priority every day to live in the moment and continuously choose joy.

Who know's when life will be back to normal and having no answers of an end date to this crazy and unpredictable time may cause you to start feeling anxious and stir crazy, which is why keeping yourself busy and finding things to do is more important than ever. The main focus of this writing is going to be a tutorial on 3 fun and easy matching mommy & me hairstyles you can try at home in honor of Mother's Day coming up! Until we get to those, here's a short list of some other fun ideas I've came up with to help pass the time spent at home and healthy ways to help the days run by smoothly.

1. Sticking to a daily routine and schedule

This might be the most necessary during this time, especially if you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all the changes and uncertainty. My first priority in the morning is COFFEE! I've specifically splurged on some fun flavors of creamer to make my mornings that much more enjoyable.

Another priority on our daily routine is getting outside. Whether that be just going for a walk, riding bikes or even doing a fun scavenger hunt with the kids. One day we went on a hunt for rocks and then I let the kids paint them which made for a fun filled whole day project that they loved!

2. Enjoying the extra time spent with family and all the more snuggles

Let's face it, on a normal day, we don't get half of the time we get now with our families so we've really tried to embrace all these extra moments. What a perfect time to binge watch a new show on Netflix (for me, this was Tiger King and yes, I'm 100% convinced Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers, haha). Another great idea is snuggling up and taking advantage of Disney +'s 7 day free trial! They have all of the 'vaulted' original Disney movies that we as adults grew up watching as well as all the new Disney originals that every one in the family is bound to love.

3. Exercise

Not going to lie, the thing I may miss most out of this quarantine is the gym. Thankfully, I discovered that the Peloton app is doing a 90 day free trial and no, I don't have a bike and you don't need one either. They have multiple programs and classes to choose from ranging from family meditation to HIIT. I personally am doing the 4 week strength challenge with Andy am loving it. They also have fit family classes that the whole family can do so I've had my kids join in on a few of those and they think it's so fun to workout along side mama.

4. Last but not least, getting ready and putting yourself together for the day

Hanging in sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make up on is definitely nice for some days but have you noticed how after awhile it can put a damper on your mood? Dedicating even a small amount of time during your day for self care has been essential for me. Whether that be just switching the sweats to leggings or doing a full face of makeup, you'll notice a difference and it will help you keep going with a positive attitude for the day.

With going with the getting ready topic, let's jump in and start chatting all things Mommy & Me Hairstyles! I'll show you 3 different styles and guide you through the steps to achieve them. Any of these styles can be done on all lengths of hair as well as with hair extensions or no extensions. Let's get to it!


This quick 5 minute braid is the perfect touch to finish off any style. Wear it with your hair down or pull it back with a messy bun. Here are the steps to take to achieve this look:

-Part hair with a deep side part

-Take a 2 inch section of hair around your face and part off the back of your hair so it's out of your way

-Start the braid with 3 strands like you were going to do a normal french braid but instead of pulling the strands over each other, pull them underneath making this a dutch braid. This will help the braid appear thicker and will be easier to pull apart at the end

-As you work down the braid, leave some pieces out around your face for a more lived in, effortless look

-When you finish the braid, pull the pieces of the braid apart until the fullness you want is achieved

-Secure with a cute clip or bobby pin. I got our clips from Old Navy but trusty Amazon has some similar styles


This simple yet cute style is easy to achieve and is one of my favorite ways to match with my daughter, Violet!

-Section off an area on the top of your head. This can be as big or small as you want it

-Backcomb for a little more volume if you'd like and secure a pony tail with an elastic

-If you have fine hair like me, back comb the pony tail then twirl it around and secure the bun up in a circular motion

-If you know me, you know I love all things scrunchies so I'm definitely adding one to finish off this look!


How cute are these?! Kind of making me feel like a kid again and I'm not mad about it. These are by far our most complimented hair style when we wear them. Here's how to do them:

-Part hair down the center making 2 sections

-Make 2 pony tails at the top of your head

-Pull the hair out around the pony tails for a more messy look (You can even leave some more face framing pieces out but it was hot today in San Diego so I'm pulling most of mine back out of my face)

-Back comb the pony tails a bit, twirl them and wrap the hair up into bun

-Secure with an elastic or bobby pins

-Pull the buns apart and mess them up a bit (The messier the better!)

Last but not least, I want to take a second and encourage you to be present in today, live in the moment and choose joy. We can not control the future around us but we can control where we're directing our attention. I truly believe that when these quarantine days are over, we will all be able to realize how little we really need and how much we actually have. Let me know in the comments below what you are doing to stay healthy and sane during this crazy time.

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